Summer's Half Full

Actually, Summer's half over. But, optimistically still seems half under ... er ... half, well ... there's still half of it left. I haven't taken the time to blog lately which is not my intention. I just seem to be changing the focus of the blog from a technical discovery blog to more of a self indulgent exchange. I'm sure it will evolve into something else entirely as time marches.

I had a nice afternoon, yesterday. Went on my own photo-walk and ran across some interesting things I thought I'd share: an interesting guy with an interesting beard and hat, a model wearing a bridal gown, a young boy feeding the ducks, a nice lunch and some red shoes. All in a day's walk.

My first stop was at Parade Park where there was a festival celebrating bike-riding. I gathered that the main theme was dress up in costume, ride your bike over, listen to some live music, get drunk, eat some over-priced food and generally show-off. All to support bike-riding. I suppose versus other modes of transportation.

hat & beard

This guy was the first interesting character I encountered and I got a nice shot. Although my favorite shot was the red shoes. I couldn't image riding a bicycle with these shoes and I'm not sure how she might even walk to the event in them but, they offered a great photo op.

red shoes

Parade Park is right next to the Sculpture Garden which was a-buzz with activity. Perhaps from the festival but, usually it is busy on a nice Saturday afternoon. There I saw this young boy feeding the ducks and a woman in a bridal gown.

Feed the ducks

This young boy was with his family who seemed to be taking a picnic break from the bike-riding festival. He was obviously dressed for the celebration and delightfully distracted from his surroundings by the wildlife.

bride model ... model bride

As it turned out ... this bride met with a couple of photographers and a groom at the north arbor of the garden for a photo shoot. I happened to catch her on her way. She was intent on her mission, had the gown under control but struggled a little with her heals in the soft grass ... very focused.

The most interesting encounter occurred when I stopped in at a favorite restaurant (really more of a deli or bistro) and had lunch. I took some time making my choice at the counter, purchased my food and sat at a table next to the window ... I'm thinking, what beautiful light! I've got to get a picture of lunch. So, I snap a few shots (50mm f/1.4 set at f/4).

nice lunch

At this point I was approached by an employee, I can only assume she was the manager that day, who asked what I was taking pictures of. I thought I was pretty straight-forward with her explaining that I was taking a picture of my lunch. She asked, "Why?"

My response was that I'm an amateur photog that simply sees a nice image in front of them. To which she replied, "I'm not that gullible."

"I'm not that gullible." Now, what do you say to that!?!

The conversation ended with me offering to delete the images if she was uncomfortable but she said, "I want you to stay just stop taking pictures of our food." At this point it wasn't worth making any further issue but I had to think that the $20 I just paid for the food would rightfully make it mine and not theirs. I could have gotten it to go and photographed it to my delight without interruption anywhere else.

I can only imagine what she was really afraid of and I suppose she's in a position where she might feel the need to protect the proprietary rights of her employer however, I could be someone who was interested in promoting her business, too.

I could blog about D'Amico's restaurant in Golden Valley, tell my readers how wonderful the food is, that they should try to get there and experience the patio, drink free refills of the house wines and especially have one of the molasses cookies which are to die for!

But, I don't blog about restaurants. I'm an amateur photographer who photographs interesting things.

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