Alma Mater ... All My Matter

Was back home in Ames this last weekend on the ISU Campus ... one of my favorite places to photograph. Howe Hall, College of Design were all targets.

Engineering: Howe Hall

College of Design: Atrium of the King Pavilion


I was really taken with the new King Pavilion at the College of Design. The spaces there are loosely defined by screens separating the class spaces and in the center was an atrium for lecture, presentation and discussion that was literally nothing more that a smooth concrete floor with a shit-load of chairs on wheels. A class can take any form that it wants. Move and flow with presenters, mix, formalize, and morph into a completely different character with the next set of students ... it's great!

College of Design: Atrium chair changing color

Song in Autumn

This is most definitely autumn. And despite the cliche, there is music to be found in the trees. My mom has a small maple tree in her backyard that gets hit with some awesome light early in the morning. Here's a product of that complete with two eighth notes right off the page of Nature's newest symphony.
eighth notes
If you don't see the notes, click on the image which will take you to Flickr, wave your magic cursor (that's mouse talk for pointer) and see the embedded note.


Hello! Anybody!?!

Something I ran across a couple of weeks ago has been stewing my grey-matter quite a bit. It's a project, a gift, an inspiration, a great idea. Jeremy Cowart, a professional photographer working out of Nashville conceived of a project called "Help-Portrait." It's for all photographers and I've been thinking a great deal about participating ... check it out:

Have any of you heard about this, thought about this? Are you sitting on the fence, like me? Pass the word and let's start making some connections. Let me know!

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