Stop This Immediately

Dear Fellow Photographers,

Please don't do this anymore. "What do you mean," you ask? You know exactly what I mean. Don't take pictures of models in this pose. Don't! Just don't. It's not attractive. It's not comely. It's not sophisticated. It's not classy, chic or elegant and it's absent of any intended attitude or refinement. It doesn't do anything for the model and shouldn't be in your portfolio or the model's for that matter. It scares me that Flickr is loaded with this pose. Where did it come from? Who started it all? Do I know them? Is there legal action we could take?

Models, if you find yourself doing this pose, stop! Photographers, if you see models posing like this, don't click the shutter. If you get one by mistake, I forgive you but, get rid of it. Photographers, if you're making your models pose in this pose, stop and models refuse!

Thank you
Committee to Get Rid of This Pose

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in this post is not about the technical qualities of image production including lighting, exposure, or post processing. It is not meant to challenge the integrity of any photographer's art or craft or model's talent and abilities. It has only to do with the unfortunate use of the following described pose: hand on knee, hand on hip, shoulder forward, contorted (nobody stands like that!). Should you have a counter-opinion you may express it in a comment or feel free to keep it to yourself. This post is offered as is and implies no binding obligation to follow its advice. It's intention represents nothing more than promoting the concept of ending the making of images of said pose and models posing in said pose.

A special and sincere thank you to the photographers whose images illustrated the pose perfectly.

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