Good friends can really be good friends. Earlier this summer I did a shoot with a couple of friends of mine and asked them to help me find subjects I could photograph and build a portfolio. Well ... they found Heather. I had never met Heather before we arranged to meet at the Como Conservatory for an afternoon shoot on a beautiful fall day. I was very lucky. She was great to work with and we had a nice time getting some really good work done. Thanks Heather! The rest of you enjoy. Heather Heather Heather Heather Heather Heather


Mike & Courtney

Last Sunday was a beautiful autumn day and I was fortunate enough to have arranged a shoot with a couple willing to help me build a portfolio. Mike and Courtney are the daughter and son-in-law of a good friend but, more importantly, they're a delightful couple. They were eager to help and had great fun. Thanks you guys. I had a great time, too ... here's the proof. Mike & Courtney Mike & Courtney Mike & Courtney Mike & CourtneyMike & CourtneyMike & CourtneyMike & Courtney

Nikon D200, 85mm, 1/80 @ f/2.8, ISO 100 ambient light