Just a couple of notes ...

There are a couple of resources that I use quite a bit that I want to share with you. Strobist is a really great resource for a lot of information. If you’ve never been there, it’s a “Must Bookmark” for every photographer that has ventured passed ambient light – ie. Using a flash of any sort. It’s a blog hosted by David Hobby.

Anyway, I was reading Strobist the other day and ran across the following video on Street Portraiture which I found very interesting. It demonstrates the relationship between man and photography with amazing clarity and a profound spirit. It was actually published at Wired.com, Strobist embedded it on their site and now I, here, to share most conveniently with you.

Actually, I’ve been interested in finding an excuse for embedding video as a resource on my blog and this seemed like a fitting start. So, enjoy!

Another resource that I’ve been using lately is called DTown TV, the Weekly Show for Nikon DSLR Users. It is hosted by Scott Kelby (of National Association of Photoshop Professionals fame) and Matt Kloskowski (of Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips fame). Both are famous for their photography and share much of their experience in their blogs, DVD’s, books and in videos on DTown. They have currently published 22 episodes all of which are worth a click. Find them here. You can subscribe to DTown in iTunes and download the episodes as video podcasts as well. I’d embed one of their videos but they seem to be less accommodating … no embed link.

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