Using Balanced Flash Fill

A couple of weeks ago I was back home for a few days and had the opportunity to shoot at a well populated skate park. Both days were really nice days so there was a lot of activity and the boarders were in the mood to show off.

The first day I showed up without a flash ... that is without anything beyond the on-board flash. The sun was low, being in the late afternoon so, shadows were kind of a problem with the sun coming through a lot of trees. Nice gobo effects however, unwanted. You can see by the results that faces are hidden or obscured with shadow and the contrast is a little over the top.

SkateBoarding 6

SkateBoarding 5

Shooting Information: Shutter Priority/ISO 320/Center Weighted/22mm f/6.3 @ 1/1000

On the second day under very similar conditions, I mounted the camera with my SB-800, set it for TTL BL and here are the following results. You can see how the shadows were lifted and the subjects were much more evenly lit. I think the results were much better.

SkateBoarding 2

SkateBoarding 3

Shooting Information: Aperture Priority/ISO 200/Center Weighted/40mm f/9 @ 1/320

I got some nice shots of the boarders that day but regret not having my flash on the first day. I also wish that I would have spent more time playing with the flash instead of setting it in TTL BL mode and just leaving it. It would have been nice to sync a lower speeds to capture some more of the motion. Well ... next time.

I did happen to get this shot that I like quit a bit. I'm not sure why ... maybe its the anticipation. Not sure.

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