Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

nikonD70sI have now been shooting with my D70s for one year. It is only fitting that I take a moment and celebrate this occasion. I promise I won't sing but, I can't dismiss the possibility of other inane pursuits. As a recap of the last 365 days regarding my venture into digital photography I've compiled the following list of things I've learned.

  • Since I can create images on a whim, I do. This means that I have many more images and need some way to manage them, organize, tag, and access. Thank god I have Lightroom [or insert your own preference].

  • I am the one in control of image destiny. There are no more fast photo processing places to correct exposure, red-eye, colors, etc. Thank god I have Lightroom [or insert your own preference].

  • I was reflecting this morning that I still have a hard time conforming to a pre-shoot routine. I have the "what-equipment-will-I-need" part down very well. What I keep forgetting to do is set ISO and white-balance (all questions that were answered pre-digital by the type of film I bought).

  • I love the fact that I can experiment; capture an image, learn from it, and try it again until I have it right without waiting for processing.

  • What comes easy to me does not come easy to my parents who also have a digital camera and want desperately for it to be as easy as shooting film. Note: Kodak's motto has always been, "You Press The Button and We Do The Rest."

  • I had shot with digital point-and-shoots prior to my D70s and missed plenty of moments because of the camera ... shutter lag. Now if I miss a moment it's a problem with my own abilities to anticipate.

  • I've shot Nikon since I bought my first Nikkormat when I graduated from high school ... Nikon still rocks!

As far as the D70s itself goes ... it has been the exact camera that I needed to get started in digital photography. Since I purchased the D70s I have added an SB-600 Speedlight, an SB-800 Speedlight, an SU-800 Speedlight controller, the Nikkor 18-70mm DX AF-S, and a Tokina AF 12-24mm f/4 AT-X 124.

The only drawback I've had with the camera is the size of the LCD screen. A friend of mine just got a D40 and I definitely have LCD envy. Actually, I could probably get a new pair of glasses and the situation would be much improved. Although, that still wouldn't assuage my desires to upgrade my D70s to another fine Nikon. I contemplated a D80 when I was first in the market for a DSLR. But it was too expensive at the time. I've thought about a D200 and Nikon has started its rebate on that camera to clear out inventory since the release of the D300. I think I'll hold out until the D90 comes out. I don't know if they're actually devising one but, it makes sense that that could be a next step.

Until then, I love the D70s. It's a great camera and with the other gear I have it makes sense to hold on to it and keep doing what I'm doing. So, here's to next year! As this past year has been great!

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