South By Southwest

We escaped Frostbite Falls and spent the later part of March in Arizona. The itinerary included Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, and Sedona. It quickly becomes very obvious why it's one of the most photographed areas of the United State once you step outside your door ... no matter where that door is.

This is one of my favorite shots. We were at the Bright Angel Trail trail head about 800 yards down the trail when it turned back running parallel to the Bright Angel Lodge which you see at the summit on the right. Afternoon had been about two hours on when the canyon started to cloud over. The Sun still found its way into the gorge through broken clouds and offered some great color and depth.

Grand Canyon

Once you get to review your images on your laptop you realize that the Grand Canyon offers a great shot in every direction. I wandered around all afternoon with my D70s equipped with the 18-70 kit lens and just got great shot after great shot. I was very pleased.

Grand Canyon


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