Strobist Translated ... I hope.

We're on the verge of getting our first assignment in Strobist's summer boot camp Lighting 102. On that note, my goal is take part in each assignment and blog my experience. However, the equipment I'll be using will be different. So I want to translate what Strobist does to the language of Nikon's CLS (Creative Lighting System) equipment.

In other words, I'll be demonstrating how to capture the same concepts only using a D70s, an SB800, an SB600 and probably an SU800, wirelessly and in manual mode. Throw in a couple of stands, maybe an umbrella ... a DIY diffusion device ... who knows what else?

I've messed around with some of the things Strobist imparts but, have never spent the time really focusing on the execution and digging for the results. So I'm looking forward to a summer of learning ... and possibly helping others who may be struggling with techniques applied to Nikon equipment.

Happy lighting!

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